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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy – Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Assessment, Management and Prevention, Electrotherapy (Ultrasound) Joint & Spinal Mobilisations and Manipulations, Rehabilitation and Pre and Post event Massage.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is the assessment, treatment and prevention of all musculo-skeletal, joint and spinal injuries. Each treatment is catered to the individual, so no matter what injury they may be suffering with, each individual client will receive the specific treatment they deserve.

How can Sports Therapy help you?

Sports Therapy specifically aims in returning the client back to full optimal health regardless of gender, age or ability.

Treatments will be catered for both the client and injury.

Sports Therapist: Melissa Ward

Sports Injury


Melissa Ward

90 Minutes - £70

60 Minutes - £55

45 Minutes - £50

30 Minutes - £40 

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