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What is NLP


Neuro Linguistic Programming, know as NLP, was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s by studying successful therapists, individuals and business people.


Neuro covers the physical parts, Brain, Nervous System etc.. as well as the mental and emotional parts of our own individual neurological set up, how we are ‘programmed’ if you were to compare to a computer


Language is the part of us that we use to communicate with others and importantly ourselves internally, this is not just verbal, but unconscious physical signals


Programming is the way in which based on our past experiences, values, and beliefs we operate our Brain Operating System, and as such it requires regular maintenance, updating and rebooting.


Overall NLP has been said to be the like an Owners Manual to Your Brain, giving access to the programs we run daily, and allows us to make changes to them, creating more supportive and empowering ways of behaving, removing blockages, choosing the outcomes we want.


Our responses, our behaviour, to life's challenges are based on ideas, and ‘re-presentations’ of information that becomes out of date, and requires updating. 

Some of the information we use has been learnt and wasn’t even checked, ideas from our parents, teachers and authoritative people. 


How well is your system working for you? Do you have a glitch in any of your programs?

What do you believe has to be true in a particular situation? Is there a better way?



What is Hypnotherapy


In its simplest terms hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis with the outcome of positive change in the client as the focus of each session. This is not like a stage show, the focus is on change.

There are many different tools in Hypnotherapy such as Solution Focused Therapy, Time Line, Past Life regression, Suggestion Therapy, and many more.


There have been numerous clinical studies, and hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective in many challenges, such as Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, IBS, Confidence, Phobias and much more.


By focussing our attention onto a single issue, we automatically enter an altered state of mind known as ‘trance’. This is perfectly normal, and similar to daydreaming, being engrossed in a good book or movie, we even go into trance when travelling and we do not remember the entire journey. 


With the help of a trained Hypnotherapist, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation, to explore new ideas and concepts without judgement or old beliefs, the client decides the best outcome and the hypnotherapist helps to make those changes.


Then with the agreement of the client, direct and indirect suggestions are used to make changes on an unconscious level that will help the individual to the outcome they desire.


As in all therapies used by Norman, the focus is on your personal growth and positive change. 

Therapist: Norman Hinks

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Norman Hinks

One Session - £60
10% off when you book
more than 1 session

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