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Beauty Therapy

Fountains Complementary Therapy Centre has been offering a wide variety of beauty therapy treatments since opening in 2006. 

These treatments are catered to relax, pamper and to create that sense of 'me time' for each and every one of our clients.

What is Beauty Therapy?

The definition of Beauty Therapy - to enhance one's physical appearance to others and, ideally, improve one's own self image. As you may have heard the famous saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' this growing industry aids in assisting the beauty within. 

Beauty therapy is a practice that has been going since before you and I were even a thought process. Humans have been grooming themselves, predating the earliest civilisations - in fact both Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were both known to use cosmetics, such as eyeliner during their time eras. 

There have even been times were beauty treatments were considered sinful during religious eras and during those times anything related to beauty and cosmetic treatments were kept a secret.


Beauty Therapist: Melissa Ward

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Prices for Beauty Treatments:

Eyebrow Wax

Melissa Ward


Eyebrows - £8

Upper lip or Chin - £6

Upper lip and Chin - £10

Wax Appointment

Melissa Ward


Under Arm - £15

Full Arm - £22

1/2 Leg - £24

Full Leg - £32

Bikini - £15

Male Back - £30


Melissa Ward


Luxury  - £32

Deluxe - £38

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