Susan Briggs


Colonic Hydrotherapist
Hi my name is Susan Briggs and I decided to train to become a Colonic Hydrotherapist after suffering for years with a problematic bowel myself, including constipation and IBS flareups, which I always believed were food or stress-related. After having regular colonics myself I noticed the improved difference with my bowels and how much healthier I began to feel.
There is a misconception that colonics interfere with the bowels good natural flora which is not the case as it actually helps the colon to stay healthy and along with a varied healthy diet, can massively improve bowel movements to become regular.
I trained in London alongside the very knowledgeable Anne-Lise Miller, whom I regard as the colonic guru due to her 30yrs of experience in performing colonics as well as writing her own books on the subject.  
After working for some years in the Endoscopy unit at Northampton General Hospital, I realised the importance of trying to maintain a healthy bowel and realised that with small changes you can make a massive impact on keeping your colon healthy. I am also a fully trained massage therapist because a more relaxed body and mind will result in a happier gut which in turn will help with regular bowel movements.

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