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NLP is the acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Neuro – Study of the mind and the nervous system

  • Linguistic – Study of language and how we use it along with other non-communication systems i.e. feelings, words(self-talk) etc

  • Programming – sequence of our action, how we motivate ourselves to achieve our goals by programs that we run in our neurological system.

Your brain is like a computer running natural thinking programmes, processes and strategies all of the time.

Just like a computer, you can upgrade your software so you become more effective in what you do, how your think and how you feel.

NLP is the psychology of what works; reaching the mind’s full potential creating incredible change at the unconscious level.

Benefits of using NLP:

Helps change your thought processes so that you can remove limiting decisions, negative emotions, eliminate phobias and un-resourceful states

A tool that will create ongoing change and success

Enhancing business performance, improved coaching and communication skills

Improves your health and well being

Have great relationships; increasing confidence 

NLP is widely use:

Andre Agassi – Game changing goals

Cheryl Cole – confidence building

Oprah Winfrey – Audience Engagement/Motivation

Jonny Wilkinson – Goal Visualisation and Game Focus

Abbie Clancy – Nerves and Anxiety

Tiger woods – Game and Swing Improvement

Russell Brand – Addiction and Self-worth

Geri Halliwell – Health and Well-being

Pharrell Williams – Building Rapport/ Relationships

Orlando Bloom to remove a chocolate addiction

With Amina Timothy-Clarke, you will pay less than the above mentioned.

Therapist: Amina Timothy-Clarke


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