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John Whittall


Holistic Therapist


Hello, I’m John, the Aromatherapist at Fountains. 

I began my journey with a love of Essential Oils, I took a one day course in Massage which furthered my enthusiasm, I then did a 10 week course which would allow me to practise on friends and family, this made me decide to go further, starting my Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage course in 1999, qualifying in 2000, this was through I.T.E.C. I then went on, in 2003, to study Aromatherapy, qualifying in 2004,with V.T.C.T. From then I began to practise professionally, firstly at Nightingale Clinic and then moving to Fountains, where I have been very happy to be a part of the ‘Fountains Family’. Registered and insured with the ‘Guild of Holistic Therapists’ I have the letters M.G.H.T.

To Book a Appointment Please Call:

01933 442793

07984 405680

Shoulder Massage
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