Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy (also referred to as colonic irrigation) is a safe and effective way of cleansing the large intestine (the colon).

Situated in the abdomen, approximately 5 feet in length and 2½ inches in diameter, the colon is a major elimination organ of the body and is responsible for the final part of the digestive process.


It contains and eliminates body waste and toxins, absorbs water and electrolytes, is colonised by billions of intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) which detoxify waste, produce certain vitamins and help to protect us against disease.

A thorough case history is taken followed by an explanation of the procedure where any questions or concerns will be answered.

The procedure takes 30–45 minutes and begins with a disposable speculum inserted gently into the rectum.

Purified, filtered, temperature regulated water is let into the body via the speculum at a very low pressure. This allows any stored faecal matter, gas, mucous or toxic substances to be released through enclosed tubing which leads straight out to the mains drainage system.


To aid release of impacted matter, massage techniques are applied to the abdomen, and reflex points may be used on the feet.

Modesty and privacy are respected at all times.

After treatment, a high quality probiotic is given along with any recommendations that may be deemed beneficial.

Colon Hydrotherapist: Susan Briggs

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