What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda believes that disease in the main stems from your mind, your diet and your lifestyle.

There is a misconception that Ayurveda is solely about herbal remedies which can be self-prescribed however this can do more harm than good. We would strongly recommend only starting an Ayurvedic lifestyle/diet or taking remedies once you have sought out the advice of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and had a consultation.

The aim of your consultation is to evaluate your Dosha or constitution (this is determined at the time of your conception) and more importantly your state of balance or more accurately your imbalance.

Disease only strikes once you are in an imbalanced state – of course the severity of the disease / disorder will depend on the severity of your imbalance. This imbalance is caused by eating the incorrect foods, living in the incorrect way for your constitution and many other internal and external factors.

In Ayurveda it is believed that if we can get you back to a balanced state or as close to it then we should be able to eliminate the disease / disorder and stop the root cause of the disorder from re-appearing.

Thereafter, you can manage your health through your newfound knowledge, diet and lifestyle.

What to expect from a consultation?

The initial consultation would normally last up to 1 hour. We will discuss your health concerns, current lifestyle, your current diet and anything else you feel is relevant. We will look to help you through diet and lifestyle changes and Ayurvedic remedies if necessary.

Is there any aftercare and follow-ups?

Yes, and yes! I have developed a unique web portal where my patients can log in to and see their account. Here patients will be reminded on their lifestyle (such as yoga postures, meditation techniques etc), diet changes (what you should and shouldn’t eat) and what herbs to take and when and how to take it.

Patients will also be able to purchase additional relevant products for their Dosha type of their choice to help with their new health regime, such as, prepared meals or just simply the ingredients and many other items. You will also have at your disposal many recipes.

We would normally have a follow-up consultation either in person or over Skype (whichever is more convenient) every 3 to 4 weeks.

The unique features and benefits of Ayurveda

  • Concerned with the treatment and wellness of the individual. Symptomatic treatment is alien to this system. Mind, body and soul are treated together.

  • Concerned with all living organisms in the universe (Manawa – human; Pashu – animals; Vruksha – plants).

  • Ingredients of medicines originate mainly from plants, minerals and animal products such as ghee, milk and beeswax etc.

  • No unpleasant side effects but ‘side’ benefits.

  • Each Ayurvedic medicine is a tonic.

  • Psychosomatic concept of disease.

  • Emphasis on positive health and prevention of disease.

  • Concerned diet, lifestyle and therapeutic trials.

  • Diverse methods of diagnosis.

  • Ayurveda is aligned with nature.

  • Philosophies such as yoga, meditation and pranayama are sub-sciences which support and go hand in hand with Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda respects other methods and systems of healing.

  • Use of cosmic energy to prevent and cure disease.

  • Every substance in the universe has medicinal value.

  • Sustainability of natural resources.

  • Emphasis on co-operative relationship between the patient and physician.

  • Evidence based practice.

Therapist: Haymish Kharag


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