Having been interested in complementary therapies for many years I decided to take formal training to increase my knowledge and use my skills to help others.

I gained my ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage in 2000 and followed this in 2004 with an IIHHT Level 3 Certificate in Aromatherapy Massage.

The type of treatment I use is called Holistic (which means “whole”) and as such I treat the person as a complete being – looking at the mental, physical and spiritual needs as one.

A skilfully administered aromatherapy massage is your natural choice for help with:

  • Tense, stiff muscles
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving blood circulation and flow of lymph
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pains
  • Rheumatism and Arthritis
  • Digestive problems
  • Inducing a feeling of deep relaxation

Massage helps your muscles to relax, whilst stimulating the circulation, allowing oxygen to circulate more freely.  As an aid to relaxation – for treating specific problems – or simply as a special treat.  an aromatherapy massage is a superb experience.

Gift Vouchers are available for any of my regular treatments, just ring and ask or leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Treatment prices start from £25.

If you would like an appointment or more information please call:

Tel: 01933 442793

Mob: 07984 405680