John is a holder of the most prestigious distinction in professional coaching today. A graduate of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) he has the most respected Coach Certification in the world.

For over 30 years, the BCI has indisputably been the leader in the development of the coaching profession and their graduates receive instant kudos and respect. Graduates of the BCI include Elon Musk one the world’s leading thinkers and innovators.

A Certified Master Coach and holder of Level 2 Counselling Skills certification, John can provide the support and help you need to be the best you can be and release your true self.

Life coaching is a talking therapy and John draws on existing validated behavioural change practices to put you at your ease to help you problem solve and overcome common difficulties.  He will help you evaluate the personal significance of the difficulty by understanding the activating event and the consequences; your beliefs and then working with you to change the way you think about the event by disputing and then helping you develop an effective positive outlook and to remove those ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) from your head.

We all have secret worries and fears that we don’t want to share with our social circle and when you’re worried that your aspirations or goals will be judged by your closest friends you can start to hold yourself back. You might find yourself blocking your own goals. If you’ve started assuming that what you want simply isn’t possible, that you don’t deserve to go for it or that you should put others’ needs and desires before your own, then you’re probably not getting the most out of your life. Putting our needs behind those of others is something we do in all aspects of our lives. From work, to our families, to our more intimate relationships – we can get caught up in trying to please other people and ignore our own needs.

People turn to life coaching because they are unclear about the direction their life is going in, they feel there is something missing. John can help them work out what that something is, and how they can find it.

Whether you’re an executive manager who has struggled to adapt to a change in culture within the workplace, a single parent overwhelmed with responsibility, struggling to maintain a work/life balance, a child anxious about school and friends or just someone suddenly consumed with worry or fear that has come out of nowhere, John has successfully coached hundreds of people of different ages, from all walks of life.

This is about giving yourself time to explore what’s possible and being really honest about what you want.

From the moment you make contact with John, you’ll realise that he is an extremely professional, but down to earth kind of guy, who is totally committed and focused about making a positive impact on people’s lives and doing whatever it takes to deliver transformations and generate results that people didn’t think were possible.

A lack of mental health provision for people in the UK leaves many in distress and at serious risk. Men in mid-life now are part of the so-called ‘buffer’ generation, caught between their older, more traditional, strong, silent, austere fathers and their younger, more progressive, individualistic sons. Men are struggling to cope with major social changes and society does not understand enough about why this group is so vulnerable to suicide.

But mental health has no boundaries. It affects men, women and children, the rich and the poor, the most famous to the unknown.

Why don’t you take time out to improve your own well being? Others have and here follows a few testimonials:

“The moment I began talking to John to get some advice regarding my issues I knew I was in safe hands. He is one of those characters that by talking to him you solve so many of your problems, he asks the right questions and helps you discover the right direction for you. Every time that we talked I started as a stressed drained person and his words made me feel much better about everything, especially myself. He made me realise my capabilities and also how to respect those capabilities and use them to better myself.”

N, Female, 32, Unspecified Location

“After experiencing a complete loss of confidence and direction in my life for many reasons, I decided to seek the help of a professional, in order to try to regain ME. I was not disappointed when I met John. He allowed me to talk and talk without retort or judgement, until such time as I was ready to listen to him. He gradually eased me back into regaining ME, by breaking down my issues and helping me to understand and begin tackling each, one at a time….Thank you John”

R, Male, 47, Wellingborough


“John helped me to develop personally and pushed me to review my interactions with people and how I engage with others.”

C, Female, 40, Northampton, 

“I engaged with John to discuss my career options and interview technique in depth. He helped me to understand and discuss my strengths and challenged me to develop my thoughts around my own skills.

I was able to think more about what I could offer a company and I felt empowered to share my thoughts and strategies at interview; better able to describe my leadership skills and direction I could take them in.” 

C, Female, 41, Kettering

Each session lasts up to 50 minutes and costs £29.99.

Working days: Monday to Saturday

If you would like to book an appointment with John please call: 07902 603832 or